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The Seven Year Itch 3: Extramarital Involvement

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ID: 1813 Upper Intermediate
ChinesePod brings you the next installment in our series on marital strife. One couple's marriage is in severe jeopardy after a husband's rather suspect interaction with a young college girl. Listen in to find out more! You'll find the previous chapter here.
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东西 dōngxi thing; creature
to provoke
兄弟 xiōngdi brother; good friend
懒得 lǎnde to be disinclined to
Yīngying ,wǒ wǎnshang wǎn huílai yīhuǐr 。gēn Jiāngtāo chūqù hē liǎng bēi 。
Ying Ying, I'll be back a bit late tonight. I'm going out to have some drinks with Jiang Tao.
o 。zǎo diǎnr huílai 。Jiāngtāo yě bù shì shénme hǎo dōngxi 。
Oh. Don't stay out too late. Jiang Tao isn't the greatest guy.
Jiāngtāo zěnme rě nǐ le 。tā kěshì wǒ de hǎo xiōngdi 。
What did Jiang Tao do to you? He's a great friend of mine.
wǒ dōu lǎnde gēn nǐ shuō 。Jiāngtāo xiànzài yǒu qián le ,yǒuyīcì wǒ lù guò shīdà ,kànjiàn tā zài xiào ménkǒu gēn yī gè nǚshēng gōugoudādā de ,wǒ dōu méi hǎoyìsi gēn tā dǎ zhāohu 。
I didn't see the point in telling you this. Jiang Tao is wealthy now. Once, when I was passing the university, I saw him at the campus entrance flirting with a girl. I couldn't bring myself to even say hello.
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