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The Seven Year Itch 2: Facing Divorce

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ID: 1789 Upper Intermediate
We return to the topic of the "seven year itch" to find another couple's marriage struggling. Additionally, a close friend's seemingly perfect marriage is now facing divorce. Listen in for all the details; if you're looking for more lessons pertaining to marital strife, check out ChinesePod's original lesson on "the seven year itch"!
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guǎn to care about
to quit (a job)
养得起 yǎngdeqǐ to be able to support
养不起 yǎngbuqǐ to be unable to support
nǐ zěnme cái huílai ?dǎ nǐ diànhuà yě bù jiē !
How are you just getting back now? You didn't answer your phone either!
diànhuà fàng bāo lǐ méi tīngjiàn a !nǐ zhème dàshēng gàn shénme ?nǐ bù pà xiàzháo háizi !
I had my phone in my bag so I didn't hear it! What are you doing yelling at me like that? You're going to scare the child!
nǐ hái guǎn háizi a !háizi wāwā dàkū chǎo zhe yào māma ,nǐ dào hǎo ,xiàbān liǎng gè duō xiǎoshí le cái dào jiā 。
As if you care about the kid! They were crying and shouting for their mother, but you, you come home more than two hours after getting off work.
bùshì gēn nǐ shuō le ma ,zuìjìn gōngsī bǐjiào máng ,wǎnshang yào jiā yīhuǐr bān 。
Haven't I told you? Work has been busy recently. I have to work overtime a bit during the evening.
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