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The Secret Cash Stash

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ID: 1863 Upper Intermediate
It's not uncommon in China for the wife in a marriage to have sole access to the family credit cards and bank accounts (the reason being to avoid wasteful purchases, of course!). Naturally, the husbands have devised a way around their wives' vice-like grip on the family funds: stashing money in nooks and crannies all over their houses. But what happens when a wife discovers her husband's hidden hoards? Listen in and find out!
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发大财 fā dàcái to get very rich
奖金 jiǎngjīn bonus
彩票 cǎipiào lottery ticket
中奖 zhòngjiǎng to win a prize
lǎopó wǒ huílai le 。
I'm back, dear.
lǎogōng nǐ zhīdào ma ?zánmen jiā yào fā dàcái le !
My dear, did you know? Our family's going to be really rich!
ǎ ,zěnmele ?gōngsī fā nǐ jiǎngjīn le ?háishi nǐ cǎipiào zhòngjiǎng le ?
Huh? How's that? Did the company give you a bonus? Did you draw a winning lottery ticket?
hāhā ,dōu bù shì 。āi ,nǐ shuō guài bu guài ?zánmen jiā de yīxiē dìfang huì zìjǐ zhǎng chū qián lái 。
Ha ha, neither of those. Isn't it weird? Money's appeared by itself in some places in our house.
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