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The Rising Cost of Food

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ID: 1563 Upper Intermediate
The rising cost of food is a social issue that can't be ignored. You'll hear the average Zhou on the street talking about it, and you'll see it on the news. But what happens when you put the two together? What are the Chinese viewer reactions to this kind of news? Tune in to this lesson to find out.
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发改委 fāgǎiwěi Development and Reform Commission
公布 gōngbù to announce publicly
零售 língshòu retail
监测 jiāncè to monitor
zuótiān ,guójiā fāgǎiwěi gōngbù le shí yuèfèn chéngshì shípǐn língshòu jiàgé de jiāncè qíngkuàng 。zài jiāncè de sānshí yī zhǒng shípǐn dāngzhōng ,jìn bǎifēnzhī bāshí de shípǐn jiàgé shàngzhǎng 。běncì jiāncè zhēnduì Běijīng 、Shànghǎi 、Chóngqìng děng sānshí liù ge dà zhōng chéngshì 。jiāncè shípǐn bāokuò shūcài 、liángyóu 、xiānròu lèi ,jí shuǐguǒ gòng sānshí yī ge chǎnpǐn 。
Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission announced their October findings for the urban retail food prices survey. Among the 31 types of foods observed, 80% of prices had gone up. The survey focused on Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and 36 other large and medium-sized cities and included vegetables, grains, cooking oil, meats, and fruits – 31 products in all.
lǎopó ,nǐ mǎicài huílai le 。
Honey, you're back with the groceries.
huílai le 。yǐhòu cài dōu chībuqǐ le 。
Yeah. In the future we're not going to be able to afford groceries anymore.
yòu zhǎngjià le ?
The prices went up again?
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