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The Popular Decline of Calligraphy

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ID: 1931 Upper Intermediate
Calligraphy as an art form is one thing, but what about just having decent handwriting? Sadly, even that sign of "culture" is going by the wayside in modern China. Why practice penmanship when you can be happily chatting on QQ or texting on your cell phone? This is progress, right?
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bēi stone tablet
潦草 liáocǎo messy
草书 cǎoshū grass calligraphy
龙飞凤舞 lóngfēifèngwǔ ‘freely and expressively‘
nǐmen kuài lái kàn zhè kuài bēi !
Come take a look at this stone tablet, you guys!
shéi xiě de ?zhème liáocǎo !wǒ yī gè dōu bù rènshi 。
Who wrote this? It's so messy! I don't recognize a single character.
bàituō a dàgē !zhè shì cǎoshū ,shì yìshù !kàn rénjiā xiě de lóngfēifèngwǔ de ,duō piàoliang !
Come on, man! This is calligraphy. It's artwork! The artist wrote it so freely and expressively. It's really beautiful!
āi ,zán yī niándàotóu yě xiěbùliǎo jǐ ge zì 。wǒ shàngyīcì xiězì háishì shōu kuàidì de shíhou qiān le ge míng 。wǒ hái jīngcháng tíbǐwàngzì 。
Agh, we don't handwrite more than a few characters a year. The last time I wrote something by hand was when I had to sign for an express delivery. I often forget characters when I write by hand, too.
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