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The Oscars 2017

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ID: 3030 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, we take a look at the 89th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. Who will win? Will La La Land scoop all the top prizes, or could other dark horses like Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight take the win? Find out how people in Asia watch the awards ceremony, and how social media has changed how we consume news.
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一年一度 yī nián yí dù annual
传统 chuántǒng traditional
入围 rùwéi to be nominated
呼声 hūshēng hype; support
yī nián yīdù de àosīkǎ bānjiǎngdiǎnlǐ yòu yào dào le ,yào bù yào lái wǒjiā kàn ?
The annual Academy Awards ceremony is almost here. Do you want to come to watch it at my house?
hái yào wèn ma ?zhè shì wǒmen yǐngchī èrrénzǔ měinián de chuántǒng bùshìma ?
Do you even need to ask? Isn't that our annual film-nerd tradition?
shuō shì zhèmeshuō ,dàn kāishǐ gōngzuò yǐhòu ,jiù méiyǒu bànfǎ xiàng yǐqián yīyàng bǎ měi bù rùwéi de piānzi dōu kàn guò yī biàn ,xiàng jīnnián ,zhī kàn le hūshēng bǐjiào gāo de jǐ bù ,yǒushí dōu bùhǎoyìsi shuō zìjǐ shì yǐngchī le 。
Although you say that, after starting work, I haven't been able to watch every single nominated film like before. Like this year, I only saw the films that had the most hype around them. Sometimes I feel unworthy to call myself a film nerd.
nǐ dāngrán shì !wǒ shēnbiān yě zhǐyǒu nǐ néng gēn wǒ liáo diànyǐng le ,zhèng xiǎng gēn nǐ shuō ,wǒ juéde jīnnián zuìjiā yǐngpiàn fēi "àilèzhīchéng "mòshǔ ,tā really shì yī bù fēicháng tǎoxǐ de piānzi 。
Of course you are! You're the only one I know that I can talk about films with. I wanted to tell you just now, I think this year's Best Picture "La La Land" is really deserving. It's a really likeable film.
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