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The Life of a Programmer 1: Staying Up Late?

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ID: 2132 Intermediate
The Information Age couldn't exist without them. Working long hours and constantly refining endless lines of code, programmers are what keep computers kicking. In this lesson, get a look inside the life of a programmer working on a tight deadline. Also, be sure to check out the new task feature below, ChinesePod's newest way to enrich your learning experience along with fellow poddies!
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xià to scare
吓一跳 xiàyītiào to startle
加班 jiābān to work overtime
懒得 lǎnde to not feel like doing something
ǎ ,nǐ zěnme shuì zài zhèlǐ ?xià le wǒ yī tiào 。
Oh, why are you sleeping here? You scared me.
bùhǎoyìsi 。zuówǎn jiābān jiā dào bànyè ,lǎnde huíqu le ,jiù zài gōngsī jiāngjiù yīxià 。
I'm sorry. Last night I worked overtime until after midnight and I was too tired to go home, so I just made do with the office.
xīnkǔ xīnkǔ 。zěnme zhème máng ?
You're working so hard. Why are you so busy?
chǎnpǐn xiàzhōu jiùyào shàngxiàn ,zhè zhōu gǎo cèshì ,hái yǒu xiē bug yào xiū 。
A product goes online next week. This week we're running tests and there are still a few bugs that need fixing.
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