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The Ideal Woman?

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ID: 3051 Upper Intermediate
Who is your perfect partner? Find out how to describe your ideal woman (or man) in this show about love and relationships. Check out last week's lesson on the same topic, this time focused on the "ideal" man.
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惊喜 jīngxǐ surprise
仪式 yíshì ceremony
捡到宝 jiǎndào bǎo to pick up a treasure
求之不得 qiú zhī bùdé to pursue without success
shuōshuō ,qíngrénjié de shíhou ,nǐmen jiā nà wèi dōuhuì gěi nǐ shénme jīngxǐ ya ?
Tell me, what does your partner surprise you with on Valentine's Day?
hāi ,néng yǒu shénme jīngxǐ ne ,tā ya ,shénme yíshì dōu bù xūyào ,zhēnde hěn tèbié 。
Eh, what kind of surprise could there be? She doesn't need any ceremony, she's really quite unique.
wā ,nà nǐ zhēn shì jiǎndào bǎo le ,zhèyàng de nǚpéngyou gěi wǒ lái yī dǎ ,wǒ zhēn shì qiú zhī bùdé 。
Wow, you've got a real keeper there. Whenever a girl like that comes along, give me a dozen of them. A girlfriend like that is exactly what I'm looking for.
nà nà nà ,wǒmen jiā nà wèi nǐ názǒu ba ,hēihēi ,zuìjìn liúxíng huàn qī jùlèbù ,yīnggāi qù shìshi kàn ,hā hā hā !
Then, then, you can take mine. Hey hey, aren't wife-swapping clubs all the rage these days? You should go and try it out, ha ha!
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