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The Fantasy World of Wuxia

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ID: 4170 Intermediate
想要了解中国文化就要知道武侠是什么。今天的课程将带你进入武侠的神秘世界! Maybe you've heard of Wuxia from the well-known film "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon". In today’s lesson, we're going to bring you into the mysterious world of Wuxia.
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店小二 diànxiǎoèr restaurant manager (as used in pre-Modern China)
放肆 fàngsì nonsense
在下 zàixià I (a courteous way to refer to oneself)
剑客 jiànkè swordsman
nǐ zuìjìn hide to nǎr5 qù la ?lián shàngzhōu lánqiú sài nǐ yě méi lái 。
Where have you been lately? You didn't even show up at the basketball game last week.
wǒ míshàng le wǔxiá shǒuyóu ...
I've been obsessed with WuXia phone games.
nǐ zài yóuxì lǐ shì shénme juésè a ?diànxiǎoèr ma ?hāhā 。
What role do you play in the game? The restaurant manager? Haha
fàngsì !zàixià kěshì jiàn kè 。
Nonsense! I am the swordsman.
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