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The Drug Dealer

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ID: 0573 Intermediate
The Departed was a pretty good film, although we have an office-wide dispute over whether it's better than Infernal Affairs. Before you settle down to watch the Hong Kong original in its glorious Mandarin dub though, we recommend checking out this podcast to learn the Chinese of the streets. Otherwise the plot won't make much sense. Bonus points if you can spot our mole ahead of time.
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特地 tèdì specially; expressly
自己人 zìjǐrén one of us
大麻 dàmá marijuana
摇头丸 yáotóuwán ecstacy
yǒu huò ma ?
Do you have the goods?
nǐ shuō shénme ?
What are you talking about?
méishìr5 ,wǒ shì Dàtóu jièshào lái de 。zhīdào nǐ shénme dōu yǒu ,suǒyǐ tèdì guòlai qiáo qiao 。
Nothing. I've been sent by Big Head. I know that you've got everything, so I came over just to see.
ō ,zìjǐrén 。nǐ xiǎngyào shénme ?wǒ zhèr5 dàmá 、yáotóuwán dōu bùcuò 。
Oh, you're one of us. What do you want? My marijuana and ecstacy are both good.
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