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The Courses of a French Dinner

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ID: 2504 Upper Intermediate
Intrinsic to any culture is it's food, and the way it is served. Moreover, one of the delights of learning a new language and culture is experiencing it's cuisine. In this lesson, a grandma endeavours to prepare for an excursion to dine in a Western restaurant. Listen in to what thoughts she has about the prospect.
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姥姥 lǎolao maternal grandmother
孝顺 xiàoshùn to show filial obedience and respect, dutiful
耙子 pázi rake
秀气 xiùqi delicate, refined
lǎolao ,nín nándé jìn chéng ,wǒ dài nǐ qù xīcāntīng chī xīcān 。
Grandma, you rarely go into the city. I will take you to a Western restaurant to eat Western-style food.
zhè háizi zhēn xiàoshùn 。wǒ hái cóngméi chīguò xīcān ne 。xiǎngxiang yào shuǎ dàdāo shuǎ pázi de chīfàn ,nà zhēn shì xiàrén !háishì wǒmen Zhōngguórén xiùqi ,yīshǒu ná shuāng kuàizi ,yīshǒu duān wǎn 。
You are such a dutiful child. I have never eaten Western-style food before. It's frightening to think of wielding a big sword and a rake to eat dinner. It's us Chinese that are the refined ones. In one hand we take chopsticks and in the other we hold a bowl.
lǎolao ,qiáo nín shuō de ,nà shì dāochā ,méi nǐ xiǎng de nàme kuāzhāng 。
Grandma, think about what you said. It's a knife and fork. It's not as over the top as what you think.
nà guì bùguì ā ?zhème gāodàshàng de dìfang ,wǒ bù xiǎng nǐ làngfèi qián 。
Then is it expensive? It's such a "high end,luxury and classy" place. I don't want you to waste your money.
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