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The Comic Book Convention

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ID: 2684 Intermediate
Following on from last week's lesson about animated movies, today we learn about a comic-book convention where a super fan is looking forward to a bit of cosplay and discussing the various products they hopes to sell there.
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动漫展 dòngmànzhǎn anime and manga exhibition; comiccon
海贼王 hǎizéiwáng One Piece; king of the pirates
死忠 sǐzhōng to be loyal on pain of death
běn books; comics
xià ge yuè jiùshì dòngmànzhǎn le ,nǐ jīnnián háishì hǎizéiwáng ,sǐzhōng búbiàn ma ?
The anime exhibition is next month, are you going as the King of the Pirates from One Piece again? Your loyalties haven't changed I take it?
dāngrán ,běn dōu yìn hǎo le ,búguò mǎkèbēi hé biézhēn yào dào xià ge lǐbài cái huì hǎo 。
Of course they haven't. I printed the books already, but the mugs and the badges won't be ready until next week.
zuò le hěn duō ma ?
You made a lot, huh?
duìya ,wǒ běnlái zhǐyào zuò liǎngbǎi gè biézhēn ,lǎobǎn shuō tài shǎo ,bú zuò ,hòulái wǒ jiù jiā dào wǔbǎi gè 。
Yes. Originally I only wanted to have 200 badges made, but the man at the store said that wasn't enough so he wouldn't make them for me, so I upped the number to 500.
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