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The Brave Little Tailor (Part 2)

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ID: 2124 Upper Intermediate
Hear ye! Hear ye! Our little tailor continues his quest And in tiny kingdom receives a test: Giants in the wood he has to slay But will our hero win the day? In this lesson, hear the second part of the story of “The Brave Little Tailor” and learn more Chinese fairy tale vocab! Also, be sure to check out the new task feature below, ChinesePod's newest way to enrich your learning experience along with fellow poddies!
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效劳 xiàoláo to be in someone's service
赏赐 shǎngcì to bestow
眼红 yǎnhóng jealous, envious
大臣们 dàchéngmen courtiers
xiǎo cáiféng zǒu le hěnjiǔ ,láidào le yī gè xiǎoguó 。xiǎoguó de guówáng yāoqǐng tā qù wánggōng lǐ zuòkè ,bìng ràng tā liúxiàlai wèi zìjǐ xiàoláo ,hái shǎngcì le hěn duō jīnyínzhūbǎo gěi tā 。
The little tailor walked for a while and came to a small kingdom. The king of the small kingdom invited him to stay at the palace as his guest, let him stay and serve him, and bestowed all manner of treasures upon him.
zhèxià ,dàchéngmen dōu yǎnhóng le ,tāmen juéde xiǎo cáiféng méiyǒu wèi guójiā zuò chū guò yīdiǎn gòngxiàn ,píng shénme dédào nàme duō shǎngcì a ?érqiě tāmen yě hěn dānxīn xiǎo cáiféng huì wēixiédào tāmen de dìwèi 。suǒyǐ tāmen yīqǐ dào guówáng miànqián kàngyì ,qǐng guówáng gǎnzǒu xiǎo cáiféng 。
At this time, the officials of the court were all jealous. They felt: “The little tailor hasn't made any contributions to the country. On what grounds can he receive so many awards?” Also, they were very worried that the little tailor would threaten their positions. So they went together before the king to protest, asking that the king expel the little tailor.
guówáng juéde dàchénmen shuō de yǒudàolǐ ,dàn yě bùgānxīn jiù zhème fàng zǒu xiǎo cáiféng ,suǒyǐ tā xiǎng shìshi xiǎo cáiféng dàodǐ yǒu duōdà běnshì 。
The king felt that what the officials said made sense, but he was unwilling to just expel the little tailor, so he thought: “What can I use to test the abilities of the little tailor?”
guówáng gàosu xiǎo cáiféng ,rúguǒ tā néng shā sǐ sēnlín lǐ de liǎng gè jùrén ,jiù kěyǐ gēn gōngzhǔ jiéhūn 。
The king told the little tailor: “If you can kill two of the giants in the forest, then you can marry the princess.”
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