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The Art of Chinese Calligraphy

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ID: 2685 Upper Intermediate
Have you ever tried your hand at the wonderful art of Chinese calligraphy. The skill is slowly being lost by the younger generations, so it's important to keep the tradition alive and well. It can also be a great mediative practice and teaches many virtues including mindfulness, attention to detail, patience, accuracy, and creativity among many other things.
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这年头 zhè niántou nowadays
静下心 jìng xià xīn to settle down; to calm oneself
书法 shūfǎ calligraphy
再加上 zài jiāshang and to this must be added
lǎoshī ,wǒ xiǎng xué xiězì ,nín jiāo ma ?
Sir, I want to learn to write characters, do you teach that?
zhè niántou ,hěn nándé yǒu niánqīngrén yuànyì jìng xià xīn lái xiězì le ,wèishénme xiǎng xué ya ?
In this day and age it's rare for young people to have the calm attitude necessary to write characters. Why do you want to learn?
yīnwèi juéde shūfǎ hěn měi ,zài jiāshang guòqù wǔ nián duō zhùzài guówài ,měicì gēn wàiguó péngyou liáotiān ,dōu shēnshēn juéde duì zìjǐ guójiā de chuántǒng wénhuà 、yìshù zhīdào de tài shǎo 。
Because I think calligraphy is so pretty. Also in the last five years or so I've lived abroad and every time I talk to friends from other countries, I always feel I don't understand my own country's traditional cultural and art enough.
wǒguó chuántǒng yìshù zhème duō ,zěnme xiǎngdào shūfǎ ne ?
There are so many traditional arts here, what made you think of calligraphy?
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