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The 80/20 Rule

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ID: 0975 Upper Intermediate
The 80/20 rule, if applied to Chinese learning, could very possibly mean that 20 percent of what you study will be what you use 80 percent of the time. So hit the podcasts, and learn here how the 80/20 rule applies to profits, spending, and placating your boss, in Mandarin.
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二八定律 èrbā dìnglǜ The 80/20 Rule
销售额 xiāoshòu é sales volume
项目经理 xiàngmù jīnglǐ project manager
推广 tuīguǎng to promote
zuìjìn wǒmen de xiāoshòu é yīzhí shàngbuqù 。zuòwéi xiàngmù jīnglǐ ,nǐ yǒu méiyǒu zhǎo guo yuányīn ?
Lately we can't seem to increase our sales volume. Those who are project managers, have you found the reason?
我们的产品和服务都不错,主要问题是推广得不够。我已经提过了, 可是公司拿不出更多的宣传费用。
wǒmen de chǎnpǐn hé fúwù dōu bùcuò ,zhǔyào wèntí shì tuīguǎng de bùgòu 。wǒ yǐjīng tí guo le , kěshì gōngsī nábuchū gèng duō de xuānchuán fèiyòng 。
Our product and service are all pretty good. The main problem is that we haven't got enough publicity. I've mentioned it before, but the company can't afford to put out more for publicity expenses.
èrbā dìnglǜ nǐ yīnggāi zhīdào ba ?tōngcháng ,yī ge qǐyè bǎifēnzhī bāshí de lìrùn láizì bǎifēnzhī èrshí de xiàngmù ,ér bǎifēnzhī èrshí de kèhù néng gěi gōngsī dàilái bǎifēnzhī bāshí de lìrùn 。suǒyǐ nǐ děi qīngchu zhè zuì zhòngyào de bǎifēnzhī èrshí shì shénme 。
You probably know the 80/20 rule, right? Generally, 80% of a company's profits come from 20% of its projects. Also, 20% of its customers will provide the company with 80% of its profits. Therefore, you must be very clear on where the most important 20% lies.
nǐ shì shuō lìqi yào yòng duì dìfang 。
You are saying we need to direct our efforts in the right place.
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