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ID: 2660 Upper Intermediate
Users veronique21 and si1teng2 asked for a lesson all about different genres of books, so here it is. In this lesson we hear two shop assistants discussing the shopping habits of their hipster clientele in this famous 24 hour bookstore.
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打烊 dǎyáng to close for the day (of a shop)
独一无二 dúyīwú èr unique
当初 dāngchū at the start
应征 yīngzhēng to respond to a job advert
biéde shūdiàn shí diǎn jiù dǎyáng le ,quánshì zhǐyǒu wǒmen dào bànyè shí èr diǎn háizài máng 。
Other bookstores close at 10, in the whole city only ours is still busy at 12 at night.
wǒmen shì wéiyī de èrshísì xiǎoshí shūdiàn ,zhè shì dúyīwú èr de tèsè ne 。
We are the only twenty-four bookstore, that's a unique edge.
dāngchū wǒ yě shì juéde hěn kù cái lái yīngzhēng de ,dànshì zǐxì xiǎngxiang ,shūdiàn kāi èrshísì xiǎoshí yǒu shénme yìyì ?shéi bànyè lái kàn shū ā 。
I thought it was cool and that's one of the reasons I first applied, but thinking about it, what's the point of having a bookstore open twenty-four hours? Who comes to read in the middle of the night.
nǐ yǎnqián bù jiù yīduīrén ?gàosu nǐ ,wǒmen zhèr háishì yǒumíng de yuēhuì shūdiàn ne !xiǎoqínglǚ chī le wǎnfàn 、kàn le diànyǐng ,hái bù xiǎng huíjiā ,jiù pǎo lái bǎi bai wényì qīngnián de yàngzi 。bié bàoyuàn le ,lái bāng wǒ bǎ zhèxiē shū shàng jià 。
Aren't there lots of people here right now? I'm telling you, this is a famous bookstore for dating! After couples have had dinner and gone to see a movie but they don't want to go home yet, they like to come here to keep up their hipster image. Stop complaining, help me put these books on the shelf.
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