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That's a Mandarin Duck

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ID: 4057 Pre Intermediate
In this lesson, a couple is walking around a garden, discussing all the different things they see, including the roses, the willows, and the Mandarin ducks. We also learn some interesting cultural insights about these 3 things and how they relate to Chinese customs.
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huā flower
玫瑰花 méiguihuā a rose
小心 xiǎoxīn be careful
shù tree
zhè shì shénme huā
What kind of flower is this?
zhè shì méiguīhuā ,xiǎoxīn ,yǒu cì
This is a rose, be careful, there are thorns.
méiguīhuā xiāngxiāng de ,wǒ xǐhuan !nà shì shénme shù ?
Roses are so fragrant, I love them! What kind of tree is that?
nà shì yángliǔ shù ,yě jiào liǔshù 。
That's a willow, which is also called a sallow.
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