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Telling a Joke in Chinese

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ID: 2826 Elementary
In today's Chinese lesson we will learn a joke. Now, we can't guarantee that you'll laugh out loud (lol), but we can guarantee that you'll learn lots of useful Chinese after learning this short and simple joke. The joke is based on the logic of family names, so you'll learn some useful language for talking about family, and the naming of children. It's a great pun to try out next time you're eating with friends, perhaps at the big Chinese New Year meal. Designed by Freepik
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wèn to ask
孩子 háizi child
èn yeah
老大 lǎodà oldest child; boss
wǒ wèn nǐ ,Wénwén de māma yǒu sān ge háizi 。
Answer me this. Wenwen's mother had three children.
èn ?
lǎodà jiào dàbǎo ,lǎoèr jiào èrbǎo ,lǎosān jiào shénme ?
The oldest is called Big Bao, the second oldest has the name Erbao, the "er" meaning two, so what's the third child called?
sānbǎo ?Xiǎo Bǎo ?
Is he called Sanbao, with the "san" meaning three? Or Little Bao?
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