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Teaching English in China

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ID: 0202 Intermediate
Ken’s done it. John’s done it. Jenny still does it. (Aric padded his C.V. to make it look like he did it). You might do it. Any guesses? (Besides modeling, of course). It would be the world of English teaching--and a conversation that you will find yourself in. In this podcast, you will learn lots of useful vocabulary about English teaching jobs in China, except that you will be talking about it in Mandarin Chinese.
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zhǎo to seek
工作 gōngzuò work
yào will
机会 jīhuì opportunity
wǒ yǒu yī ge péngyou xiǎng lái Zhōngguó gōngzuò 。zhèlǐ zhǎo gōngzuò róngyì ma ?
I've got a friend who wants to work in China. Is it easy to get a job here?
nà yào kàn tā xiǎng gàn shénme 。bùguò ,jiāo yīngyǔ kǒuyǔ de jīhuì hěn duō 。
That depends on what he wants to do. But there are a lot of opportunities for teaching oral English.
shìma ?xūyào jiàoshī zīge hé jīngyàn ma ?
Are there? Do you need teaching qualification and experience?
zuìhǎo yǒu 。bùguò ,zhè yě bù shì bìxū de 。yībān ,dàxué bìyè jiù kěyǐ 。xuéxiào huì tígōng péixùn 。
That will be the best. But it is not essential. Normally a university degree will do. The school will offer training.
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