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Taxable Salary

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ID: 1517 Upper Intermediate
Ah, taxes... one of the few certainties in life, and the bane of our existence. Unfortunately, learning all the little quirks of the Chinese tax system doesn't make the whole ordeal any more fun in China. Listen in to this lesson, and we can help you out with the Mandarin Chinese side of the equation, at least.
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税前工资 shuìqián gōngzī salary before taxes
交税 jiāoshuì to pay taxes
规定 guīdìng regulations
外籍 wàijí foreign nationality
Qiáo xiānsheng ,nǐ de shuìqián gōngzī shì yīwàn èr 。
Mr. Qiao, your monthly salary before taxes is 12,000.
nà yào jiāo duōshao shuì ?
Then how much are the taxes?
àn guīdìng ,wàijí yuángōng de gèrén suǒdéshuì qǐzhēngdiǎn shì sìqiān bā 。gōngzī shì yīwàn èr dehuà ,yào jiāo yīqiān líng liùshí wǔ kuàiqián de gèrén suǒdéshuì 。
By law, the personal income tax for foreign employees starts at 4,800. If your salary is 12,000 you have to pay 1,065 in income tax.
Zhōngguó de shuì yě zhème gāo !
Chinese taxes are this high too?!
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