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Talking about Figure Skating

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ID: 2413 Intermediate
What's the difference between a double Axel and a triple Axel? Well, we're not really sure, but the two folks in this week's dialogue definitely know. ChinesePod slides into the world of figure skating.
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旋转 xuánzhuǎn to spin
跳跃 tiàoyuè to leap, jump
滑冰 huábīng ice skating
天才 tiāncái talent
xuánzhuǎn ,tiàoyuè ,huáxíng ,wā ,jīnyánér de dòngzuò shízài shì tài piàoliang le 。
Spin, jump, slide. Wow, Kim Yuna's movements are really beautiful.
nǐ zài kàn dōngàohuì de huāyànghuábīng bǐsài ma ?ò ,zhè shì nà gè Hánguó de tiāncái shàonǚ ba 。
Are you watching the Winter Olympic figure skating competition? Oh, this is that young Korean prodigy.
shì a ,nǐ kàn tāde dòngzuò duō měi ā !
Yeah. Look how beautiful her movements are!
kěshì zhè cì dōngàohuì ,tā méi nádào jīnpái ba ,wǒ juéde sì nián qián de Wēngēhuá dōngàohuì cáishì tāde diānfēng 。
But this Winter Olympics, she didn't get the gold medal. I think four years ago at the Vancouver Olympics she was at her peak.
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