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Talkative Passenger

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ID: 3087 Upper Intermediate
On a flight to Beijing, a nervous flyer ends up sitting next to a rather overbearing and talkative passenger who starts giving lots of travel tips.
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chèn to take advantage of a condition or an opportunity
zǎi to kill; to rip off
xiōng fierce
难如登天 nán rú dēngtiān lit: it is as hard as scaling the heavens; harder than making a pig fly
bùhǎoyìsi ,néngbùnéng jiè wǒ guò yīxià ,wǒ xiǎng qù tāng xǐshǒujiān …děng yīxià hǎo le ,kōngfúyuán xiàng shì yào sòng cān le 。
Excuse me, could you let me pass? I need to go to the bathroom...actually, I can wait a bit, the flight attendants seem like they are about to serve our meals.
nín xiān qù ba !chèn kōngfúyuán hái méi sòngdào wǒmen zhèbiān lái ,nín gǎnjǐn qù ba !méishìr 。
You go ahead! Go before the flight attendants come to where we are, you go ahead! No worries at all.
huí dào zuòwèi )xièxie nǐ !tāmen guǒrán hái méi sòngdào wǒmen zhèr lái ,nǐ zhēn shì zhuānyè chéngkè ,nǐ cháng fēi Běijīng ma ?
(back at the seat) Thanks! You're right! They haven't arrived here yet. You really are a "professional passenger". Do you often fly to Beijing?
qíshí wǒ shì dì yī cì dào Zhōngguó ,yǒudiǎnr jǐnzhāng ,tīngshuō yǒuxiē dìfang zǎi guānguāngkè zǎi de hěn xiōng ,lián cóng jīchǎng dǎchē dào péngyou jiā wǒ dōu dānxīn ,bùyòng shuō qítā shí yī zhù xíng de wèntí le 。
This is actually my first time in China. I'm a little nervous. I hear that some places really try and rinse tourists. I'm even worried about getting a taxi from the airport to my friend's house, let alone all the other problems I'm going to have with my entire time there.
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