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Taking the HSK

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ID: 0931 Upper Intermediate
The 'Fear Factor' of Chinese tests, the sit-down-break-out-in-a-sweat test, the kind of test those standing-naked-at-the-front-of-the-class nightmares are made of. An essay in Chinese characters you say? By hand? Oh ho ho, that's just the beginning. Takers of the HSK test, we bow down to you. Aspirers, sacrifice yourself on the altar of books and prepare for a case of writer's cramp only 10 pages of handwritten Chinese characters can bring. Hear more to tempt you to HSK in this podcast.
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划船 huáchuán boating
备课 bèikè to prepare lessons
辅导 fǔdǎo to tutor
托福 tuōfú TOEFL
zài máng shénme ne ?tiānqì zhème hǎo ,zhōumò wǒmen qù gōngyuán huáchuán ba !
What are you busy with? The weather is so great, let's go boating in the park this weekend.
āi ,zài bèikè ne 。zhè liǎng zhōu tè máng ,mǎshàng yào kǎo HSK le ,yǒu hěn duō xuésheng lái zhǎo wǒ fǔdǎo 。
Oh, I have to prepare my lessons. These next couple weeks I'm extra busy. The HSK test is coming up soon. A lot of students are coming to me for tutoring.
bù huì ba ,yǒu hěn duō rén kǎo HSK ma ?
No way. Do a lot of people take the HSK test?
shì a ,zhè jǐ nián kǎo de rén yī nián bǐ yī nián duō 。yǐjīng yǒu jǐbǎi wàn rén cānjiā guo HSK kǎoshì la !
Yeah. These past few years the number of people taking the test has been going up and up. There has already been a few million people who have taken the HSK!
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