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Tai Chi

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ID: 0256 Intermediate
Admit it – you feel bad walking by the park every morning and seeing them twist and turn with the grace of a Beijing acrobat. So how about we teach you how to talk about the age old exercise of Tai Chi so that you can join in (seeing how that’s really the reason you moved here). In this podcast, learn to talk about the different aspects of Tai Chi in Mandarin Chinese.
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liàn to practice
太极拳 tàijíquán Tai Chi
奇妙 qímiào fantastic
大错特错 dàcuòtècuò very serious mistake
wǒ zuìjìn kāishǐ liàn tàijíquán 。zhè zhēnshì yīzhǒng qímiào de quánshù 。
I've started to practice Tai chi recently. It's really an amazing form of Chinese boxing.
tàijíquán bù shì lǎoniánrén de yùndòng ma ?yǒu shénme qímiào ne ?
Isn't Tai Chi an exercise for the elderly? What's so amazing about it?
你这可是大错特错了。太极拳不仅结合了健身与搏击, 还包含了深刻的中国古典哲学。
nǐ zhè kěshì dàcuòtècuò le 。tàijíquán bù jǐn jiéhé le jiànshēn yǔ bójī , hái bāohán le shēnkè de Zhōngguó gǔdiǎn zhéxué 。
That's where you're really wrong. Tai Chi not only combines exercise and fighting skills, it also contains a great deal of classical Chinese philosophy.
shì ma ?nàme ,“tàijí ”zhège míngzi shì shénme yìsi ?
Does it? So what does the name ``Tai Chi" mean?
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