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Sweeping the Tomb 清明节

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ID: 2865 Upper Intermediate
  Tomb-Sweeping festival is just around the corner (April 4th). For most people, this means a national holiday and a chance to commemorate their ancestors by going to their grave/s and making sure everything is clean and tidy. Watch this lesson and learn some useful language surrounding this act of cleaning the tomb: 扫墓 sǎomù.
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拔草 bácǎo to pull weeds
孝心 xiàoxīn filial
枉费 wǎngfèi in vain
土葬 tǔzàng earth burial
měinián dōu zhèyàng lái sǎomù ,míngmíng jiāo le guǎnlǐ fèi ,háishì děi zìjǐ zài zhèbiān bácǎo ,hǎo làngfèi shíjiān 。
Every time we come to observe Tomb Sweeping Day we have to pull up the weeds ourselves,despite clearly having paid the maintenance fees, what a waste of time.
zhè shì duì bàmā de xiàoxīn ā ,lián zhèdiǎnr shíjiān lìqi dōu bù yuànyì huā ,wǎngfèi lǎobà lǎomā yǎng nǐ jǐshínián 。
This shows your filial piety towards your parents. If you're not even willing to spend such a small amount of time and effort, it seems like mum and dad wasted several decades raising you.
wǒ bùshì zhè ge yìsi ,wǒmen jìniàn fùmǔ shì yīnggāi de ,bùguò xiàndài rén shēnghuóxíngtài gēn yǐqián bù yīyàng le ,zài jiāshang rénkǒu zēngjiā 、tǔdì yuèláiyuè bǎoguì ,tǔzàng zhēnde shì hěnbù huánbǎo de yīzhǒng fāngshì 。
I didn't mean that, we should remember our parents, but people's lifestyles these days aren't like before. As the population expands and land becomes more and more valuable, burial is really not very environmentally friendly.
kěshì tǔzàng shì bàmā de xīnyuàn ā ,rén sǐ le jiùshì yào rù tǔ wèi ān ,wǒmen zuò zǐnǚ de běnlái jiù gāi tǐtiē fùmǔ de xīnyì 。
But mum and dad wanted to be buried. People can only rest in peace when they're put in the ground. As sons and daughters, we have to consider the wishes of our parents.
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