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Superhero Movies

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ID: 2346 Upper Intermediate
Superhero movies are all the rage in Hollywood these days, raking in billions of dollars in revenues. However, not everyone is so keen on them. Listen to this dialogue as two friends debate whether or not to go see the newest superhero offering.
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上映 shàngyìng to screen (a movie)
口碑 kǒubēi word of mouth, reputation, buzz
漫画 mànhuà cartoon
坑爹 kēngdiē trap, scam
léishén èr 》shàngyìng le ,jīnwǎn yīqǐ qù kàn ba !
Thor 2 is in theaters. Let's go watch it tonight!
shuō shíhuà ,méi shénme xìngqù 。bùrú yīqǐ qù chī kǎoyú ba ?
To tell the truth, I'm not interested in it. Why not eat some grilled fish together?
nàge diànyǐng hǎoxiàng kǒubēi hái bùcuò ,qù ba 。
This movie seems to be well-received. Let's go.
nǐ juéde yǒu yìsi ?zhèzhǒng mànhuà yīngxióng diànyǐng wǒ juéde zuì kēngdiē le 。rénwù xiāngsì ,gùshi léitóng ,fùzhì niāntiē yīxià ,kěyǐ yīzhí pāi xiàqu 。
Do you think it'll be interesting? I think these comic book hero movies are the biggest rip-offs. The characters are similar and the stories are the same. They're just copy and pasting them so they can make them forever.
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