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Starting a Company in China

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ID: 1314 Upper Intermediate
The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in China. Whether it's expats opening a company, or local Chinese doing the same, the waiting periods, the paperwork, and the registration with different departments can all be a huge headache! Join us at ChinesePod today as we explore some of the terminology that surrounds opening a company in China.
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幸会 xìnghuì glad to meet someone
注册 zhùcè to register
文化交流 wénhuà jiāoliú cultural exchange
设立 shèlì to establish
Wáng xiānsheng ,xìnghuì !wǒ xiǎng zhùcè gōngsī 。
Mr. Wang, pleased to meet you! I want to register a company.
nínhǎo ,Pān xiānsheng ,nín xiǎng kāi shénmeyàng de gōngsī ?
Hello, Mr. Pan. What kind of company do you want to start?
wǒ dǎsuàn zài Shànghǎi kāi yī ge wénhuà jiāoliú gōngsī ,bǎ Zhōngguówénhuà jièshào dào wǒmen guójiā 。
We're planning on opening a 'cultural communications' company here in Shanghai. We'd like to introduce Chinese culture in our country.
kǎolǜ dào shèlì gōngsī de liúchéng bǐjiào fánsuǒ ,suǒyǐ wǒ jiànyì háishì ràng wǒmen gōngsī lái dàilǐ bǐjiào hǎo 。nǐmen zhǐyào zhǔnbèi hǎo cáiliào jiù xíng le 。
Considering that the process of opening a company can be long and tedious, I recommend you let our company act as a proxy company on your behalf. You'll only have to prepare all the materials and we'll do the rest.
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