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Spending a Little Too Much

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ID: 3074 Intermediate
Two friends are in a fancy restaurant trying to decide what to eat. One of them has been spending a bit too much recently but decides to get extravagant this one last time, and orders the Surf N' Turf. Learn how to talk about going overboard with the spending, as well as words to do with saving your money.
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决定 juédìng to decide
看得出来 kàn de chūlái to be able to tell
套餐 tàocān set meal
龙虾 lóngxiā lobster
juédìng hǎo yào diǎn shénme le ma ?kàn de chūlái nǐ xiǎng chī hǎilù tàocān 。
Have you decided what you want to order yet? I can tell you want to order the surf and turf set.
wǒ shì xiǎng chī hǎilù tàocān méicuò ,dànshì zhè ge pèi lóngxiā de tài guì le ,wǒ diǎn bù xiàqu 。
You're right, I do want to order the surf and turf set, but this one with the lobster is too expensive, I can't go through with it.
zhè wǒ kě tīng bù xiàqu ,nǐ shàng gè xīngqī cái huā le dà qián qù Ōuzhōu lǚxíng ,xiànzài shuō méi qián chī zhègè tàocān ?
I can't listen to this anymore. Last week you spent a whole load of money travelling in Europe, but now you're saying you don't have money for a set meal?
bùshì ,wǒ jīnnián xiǎng huàn chē ,cóng xiànzài kāishǐ yīnggāi shěngzhediǎn ,hǎohāo cúnqián 。
No, I want to trade in my car this year, so from now on I should spend a little less and make an effort to save up some money.
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