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Spaghetti Expert

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ID: 2918 Upper Intermediate
Al dente! This lesson is all about authentic Italian pasta. If you're interested in spaghetti, sauce, noodles or food in general, this will get your tastebuds watering. Photo by Devika
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大力 dàlì energetically; strongly
推荐 tuījiàn to recommend
xiàng towards
保证 bǎozhèng to guarantee
zhōngyú dìngdào zhè jiā nǐ dàlì tuījiàn de Yìdàlì cāntīng le 。
I finally managed to book this Italian restaurant that you so enthusiastically recommended.
wǒ xiàng nǐ bǎozhèng ,zhèlǐ mài de shì bǎifēnzhībǎi dìdào de Yìdàlìmiàn 。
I swear to you, what they sell here is 100% authentic pasta.
nǐ zài Yìdàlì zhù le nàme jiǔ ,dōu shì bàn gè Yìdàlì rén le ,nǐ shuō hǎochī shéi gǎn bùxìn 。
How long did you live in Italy? You're pretty much half Italian now, eh? Who wouldn't believe you if you say it is tasty.
Yìdàlìmiàn yào zuò de hǎochī bùnán ,yào zuò de ràngrén huíwèi jiù bù róngyì le 。
It's not that hard to make tasty pasta, but it's hard to really make people think back on it after eating.
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