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Souvenirs of your Baby's Birth

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ID: 2600 Intermediate
There's a thin line between sweet and creepy with baby souvenirs, explore the weird and wonderful (and highly profitable) industry surrounding baby making in China in this lesson.
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周岁 zhōusuì one year of age
纪念品 jìniànpǐn momentos
yìn print
意义 yìyì meaning
lǎogōng ,bǎobao mǎshàng jiùyào zhōusuì le ,wǒ xiǎng wèi tā zuò gè jìniànpǐn lái jìniàn yīxià 。
Darling, the baby is almost one, I want to make him a souvenir for him to remember it by.
hǎo a !yàobu zuò bǎobao yìn ba ,kěyǐ liúxià bǎobao de shǒuyìn hé jiǎoyìn ,tǐng yǒuyìyì de 。
OK! What about a making a baby print, we could make a hand print and a footprint, it sounds cool.
zhè ge hěn wúliáo 。bǎobao chūshēng nà huìr5 wǒ jiù bù xiǎng zuò zhè ge ,suǒyǐ xuǎnzé zuò le tāimáobǐ 。
That's kind of boring. I didn't even want to do it when the baby was born, so I chose to have the brush made of baby hair.
āi ,wǒ yǒu gè hǎo zhǔyi 。wǒmen zuò gè zhōusuì chéngzhǎng yǐngjí ,xuǎn yǒuyìyì de zhàopiàn ,bǐrú mǎnyuè 、yībǎi tiān 、liù gè yuè 、zhǎng yá de zhàopiàn děngdeng ,dào zhōusuì nà tiān zài qù pāi liǎng zhāng zhàopiàn ,bǎ zhèxiē zhàopiàn fàng zàiyīqǐ zhìzuò yī gè yǐngjí 。
Oh! I have an idea. We could make a photo album for his first birthday and choose significant photos, like when he was a month old, one hundred days, six months and when he got his teeth, up until his first birthday when we'd take some pictures and put them altogether in the album.
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