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Solar Eclipse

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ID: 2885 Upper Intermediate
Are you interested in astronomy or even astrology? In this lesson, you'll hear two people discuss a recent solar eclipse, and how one lucky traveller managed to take a photo while aboard an aeroplane travelling to Indonesia. Photo by Takeshi Kuboki
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tiānnǎ !zhè zhāng fēijī shàng de rìquánshí zhàopiàn shì nǐ pāi de ma ?
Gosh! Did you take this photograph of a total solar eclipse on a plane?
shì a ,wèile ràng wǒmen kàndào rìquánshí ,Ālāsījiā hángkōnggōngsī yánchí qǐfēi le èrshíwǔ fēnzhōng 。
Yes, in order for us to see the total solar eclipse, Alaska Airlines delayed take off by 25 minutes.
nǐ tài xìngyùn le ,zhècì de wánměi rìquánshí kěshì sānbǎiwǔshí nián cái huì fāshēng yīcì ā 。
You're so lucky, this perfect solar eclipse occurs only once every 350 years.
shì a ,zhècì rìquánshí zhǔyào zài Yìndùníxīyà ,wǒmen hángbān jīngguò de dìqū gānghǎo shì guānshǎng rìquánshí zuìbàng de wèizhi !
Yes, this total solar eclipse was mostly in Indonesia, the area our flight passed through was the best location for viewing the total solar eclipse.
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