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Social credit score for China’s pet owners 文明社会 养犬规则

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ID: 4160 Upper Intermediate
“遛狗要牵绳子、防止狗随意乱吠、及时清理狗的粪便......”文明城市对养狗的人提出了许多要求。那些养狗、爱狗,甚至把狗当作自己的“儿子”的人,对此会作出什么反应呢? 这一课将介绍许多和“狗”有关的成语和俗语,也会学习以下汉语水平考试词汇:犬(6)饲养(6)着想(6)乐意(6)场合(6)规则(5)文明(5) Keep your dog on a leash. Make sure your pet doesn't bark. Clean up after them. These are some of the rules pet owners in China have to abide as part of the social credit score system gradually being implemented across its cities. Take this lesson to learn useful “dog” vocabulary, idioms and slang. For example calling your pet 儿子 is personification called 拟人 in Chinese. And 狗咬吕洞宾 is a 贬义词 or derogatory term.
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quǎn dog
liù to stroll
shuān to tie up
饲养 sìyǎng to raise
zhèwèi dàjiě ,nín zhè zhǐ hāshìqí kěshì dàxíng quǎn ,chūlái liù yào shuān hǎo ya !
Hey big sister, this husky is a large dog, you have to put a leash on him when he is out for walks!
shuō shénme ne ,xiǎohuǒzi ,wǒ kě cónglái bù yòng shéngzi shuān wǒmen jiā érzi 。
Kid what are you saying? I’v never used a leash on my son.
érzi ……
nuò ,wǒmen jiā gǒu jiù shì wǒ érzi ya !
My dog is my son!
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