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Soccer Betting

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ID: 2484 Upper Intermediate
Soccer betting can be addictive, no one denies that. So what is the attraction to this type of gambling and how far do some people go to be involved? This lesson will delve into the topic so you can too!
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黑眼圈 hēiyǎnquān dark circles under the eyes
熬夜 áoyè stay up late or all night
习以为常 xíyǐwéicháng be accustomed or used to
何必 hébì there is no need, what's the point of
wǒqù ,méi xiǎngdào bànjuésài shì zhè gè jiéguǒ 。
Damn. I never thought the semi-finals would come to this.
kàn nǐde hēiyǎnquān ,zuówǎn kěndìng áoyè kàn qiú le 。
Looking at the black circles under your eyes, last night you must have stayed up all night watching the game.
kěbushì ,sìdiǎn de bǐsài ,kàndào zǎoshang liùdiǎn 。bùguò zhè duàn shíjiān yě dōu xíyǐwéicháng le 。
Exactly. The match at 4 o'clock, I watched until 6 in the morning. But lately I have already got used to it.
zhè cì zǒnggòng shū le duōshǎo qián ā ?
How much money have you lost altogether this time?
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