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Soaking in Hot Springs

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ID: 2860 Intermediate
There are few things more relaxing than soaking in a warm hot spring. Bathing this way is very popular in Japan, and much of hot spring culture can be attributed to Japan. In Taiwan, hot springs are also very common, and a popular past time, especially when the weather turns cold. Learn lots of useful words relating to bathing in a hot spring, and learn some of the different types of hot spring you can soak in. Helpful Video Lessons: Learning words with 然 rán I'm So Happy! 快乐、高兴、幸福 Photo by neji
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泡温泉 pào wēnquán to bathe in a hot spring
算不了什么 suànbùliǎoshénme not to count as anything
yòu adds emphasis
duō so
dōngtiān guǒrán jiùshì yàolái pào wēnquán ,zhēn shūfu 。
One really does need to bathe in hot springs in winter, it's so nice.
yīdiǎn yě méi cuò 。érqiě zhù zhèlǐ zhēn xìngfú ,zhǐyào dā sìshí fēnzhōng de chē jiù kěyǐ lái pàotāng 。
You're completely right. And how lucky we are to live here, we only need ride the bus for forty minutes to come and bathe in the hot springs.
shì a ,wǒ zhù zài Rìběn de shíhou ,dōngtiān xiǎng pào wēnquán ,kěshì yào dā sān 、sì gè xiǎoshí de huǒchē cái yǒu wēnquán kěyǐ pào 。
Yes, when I lived in Japan, I wanted to go to hot springs during winter, but I had to ride a train for three or four hours just to get to the area where the hot springs were.
hǎo xīnkǔ ā ,dànshì wèile pào wēnquán ,sān gè xiǎoshí suànbùliǎoshénme ba !
What a trek, but if it means you can bathe in hot springs, what is three hours in the scheme of things!
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