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Small Talk at a Leaving Party

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ID: 2933 Intermediate
It's Zhu Ping's leaving party and he's off to receive training abroad. At the party, his ex-flatmate and future boss start making small talk. Listen to some high -se ways to ask about where you work, or great things to say when handing out a business card. Photo by Jason Bagley
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初次 chūcì first time
富国强兵 fùguóqiángbīng make the country rich and the military strong
高就 gāojiù to work (honorific)
贸易 màoyì trade
méi jiàn guò nǐ ,nǐ shì Zhū Píng de péngyou ma ?
I haven't met you before, are you Zhu Ping's friend?
nǐhǎo ,chūcì jiànmiàn ,wǒ shì Zhū Píng yǐqián de tóngwū ,Zhāng Lìlì 。
Hello, yeah it's the first time we've met. I'm Zhu Ping's former flatmate, Zhang Lili.
nǐhǎo ,wǒ xìng Zhèng ,Zhèng Fù ,fùguóqiángbīng de fù ,Zhāng Xiǎojie zài nǎli gāojiù ?
Hello, my surname is Zheng and my whole name is Zheng Fu. The "Fu" meaning "rich" in the legalist expression "make the country rich and the military strong". Where do you work, Ms Zheng?
liánshuò màoyì gōngsī ,yèwù bùmén ,Zhèng xiānsheng ne ?
I work in the sales department of Lianshuo Trade Company, what about you, Mr Zheng?
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