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Signing a Rental Agreement

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ID: 3013 Intermediate
  This is part two of a set of lessons about finding an apartment and signing the rental agreement. To watch the first lesson, please click here: Checking out a New Flat In this video lesson, we are at the lease signing, and a conversation occurs between the landlord, tenant, and property agent, going over the finer details of the contract. If you want more lessons on apartments and housing, we have a whole playlist on the topic here. Image from Pixabay
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合同 hétong contract
注意 zhùyì to pay attention
责任 zérèn responsibility
包含 bāohán to include
A )fángchǎn zhōngjiè (B )fángkè Chén xiǎojie (C )fángdōng Wáng Tàitai
(A) Real estate agent (B) Tenant Ms Chen (C) Landlady Mrs Wang
Wáng Tàitai 、Chén xiǎojie ,zhè shì zū wū hétong ,nǐmen xiān kàn kan 。Wáng Tàitai ,nín shì fángdōng ,qǐng zhùyì jiǎfāng de tiáokuǎn 、Chén xiǎojie ,nín yào qīngchǔ yǐfāng de zérèn 。
Mrs Wang and Ms Chen, this is the rental contract, have a look. Mrs Wang, you are the landlady, please pay attention to the conditions for party A, Ms Chen, you should be clear of the responsibilities of party B.
ng4 ,shuǐ 、diàn 、méiqì dōu shì yóu wǒ zìjǐ fù ,wùyè guǎnlǐ fèi shì bāohán zài fángzū lǐ de ,Wáng Tàitai ,qǐngwèn zhīqián de shuǐ 、diàn 、méiqì fèiyòng dōu jiéqīng le ma ?wǒ shì cóng xià ge yuè chū qǐ zū ,yào máfan nín xiān jiéqīng qiánmian de fèiyòng 。
Yes, water, electricity and gas I have to pay myself, the property management fee is included in the rent. Mrs Chen, can I ask if the previous water, electricity and gas bills were all settled? We will start renting at the start of next month, so I'd appreciate it if you'd ensure that they're all fully paid beforehand.
zhè ge méiwèntí ,wǒ yǐjīng chǔlǐ hǎo le 。
I've already dealt with this issue.
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