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Shared Economy or Burden

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ID: 4038 Upper Intermediate
oBike is a Singapore-based stationless bicycle-sharing system with operations in several countries. The benefit of such bikes is that you don't need an existing infrastructure of docking stations, and anyone with a smartphone can go ahead and unlock a bike and park at their destination. However, there is a problem of how people park them and where. Without adequate parking spaces throughout the city, they can become a problem by being parked illegally, or taking up spaces reserved for cars or motorbikes. Who is responsible for this situation? The company, the government, or the people?
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占用 zhànyòng to occupy
真是够了 zhēnshì gòule it really is too much
共享经济 gòngxiǎng jīngjì sharing economy
解决 jiějué to resolve
nǐ zhīdào ma ?wǒmen gōngsī fùjìn chūxiàn hěn duō O-bike ne !
Do you know? A lot of O-bikes have appeared near our office!
wǒjiā fùjìn de gōngyuán yě shì ,zhàn yòng tíngchēgé jiù suànle ,yǒu tǎng zài rénxíngdào shàng de ,guà zài shùshang de ,háiyǒu rēngdào hé lǐ de ,zhēn shì gòu le !
It's the same with the park by my home. It's not even just a matter of occupying the parking spaces, some are strewn across the sidewalk, some are hanging on trees, and some are even thrown in rivers. It's really too much!
kěshì wǒ juéde O-bike zhèzhǒng gòngxiǎng jīngjì hěn hǎo ā !wánquán jiějué wǒ chū dìtiě zhàn zhīhòu ,dào gōngsī zuìhòu zhè yī duàn lù ,méiyǒu gōngjiāochē yòu lán bùdào chūzūchē de kùnjìng 。
But I think sharing economy initiatives like O-bike are great! It's completely resolved the problem I have when I come out of the subway station and there's still a distance to the company without any buses and being unable to catch a taxi.
wèntí shì yīxiē méi gōngdéxīn de rén ,qí dào mùdìdì ,chē yī rēng jiù bù guǎn le ,fǎnzhèng gòngxiǎng ma !yòu bù shì zìjǐ de 。
The problem is really with people with no sense of common decency, who just dump the bike when they reach their destination, because it's shared, right? It's not their own.
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