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Shaolin Temple

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ID: 0355 Upper Intermediate
While many don’t know this (due to the fact that it’s not true), all ChinesePod employees are required to attend a 6-month intensive course at the famous kung fu HQ, Shaolin Temple. So a Mandarin Chinese lesson on it is like the wind through the reeds (insert David Carradine intro music here)…Listen to this podcast to learn all about this ancient Chinese art form and where it comes from.
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嵩山 Sōngshān Songshan Mountain
武术 wǔshù martial arts
发源地 fāyuándì source
丛林 cónglín jungle
dàjiā kàn ,zài wǒmen miànqián de jiùshì Sōngshān shàolínsì 。tā shì shàolín wǔshù de fāyuándì 。yóuyú chǔyú cónglín zhōng ,suǒyǐ qǔ míng “shàolínsì ”。
Everyone look, in front of us is the Songshan Shaolin Temple. It is the birthplace of Shaolin Martial Arts. Because of it's position in the middle of the forest, it was given the name “Shaolin Temple.”
nà tā yǒu duōshao nián lìshǐ le ?
So, how old is it?
shàolínsì jiànzào yú Gōngyuán sìbǎijiǔshíwu nián 。hòulái Dámó lái zhèlǐ chuányáng chánzōng 。suǒyǐ ,shàolínsì yě bèi chēngwéi Zhōngguó Chánzōng de fāyuándì 。
Shaolin Temple was built in 495 C.E. Afterwards, Dharma came here to spread the Chan sect. So, Shaolin Temple has also been called the birthplace of Chinese Chan Buddhism.
é ,zhè wǒ hái bù zhīdào ne 。shuōdào shàolínsì ,dàjiā zuìxiān xiǎngdào de kěndìng shì gōngfu 。
Oh, I didn’t know that. When people talk about Shaolin Temple, the first thing you think of is definitely kung fu.
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