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Shanghai Fashion

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ID: 0116 Intermediate
Granted, the same person that said Shanghai was the “Paris of the East” also said that baijiu was a tasty drink…so we’ll let you decide. Fashion, however, is on the lips of everyone in the area. If you find yourself anywhere in China, Shanghai’s ascent into the ranks of a fashion capital will no doubt be a hot topic. In this podcast, learn to talk about fashion and appearance in Mandarin Chinese.
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bèi by
重视 zhòngshì to put a lot of importance on
时髦 shímáo fashionable
配饰 pèishì accessory
上海经常被称为东方巴黎。因为上海人, 特别是上海女性非常重视自己的外表。上海有很多百货商店。女性可以买最时髦的衣服。许多女性花很多钱买衣服和配饰。百货商店打折的时候, 商店外经常有人排队。上海女性的品味是全国有名的。
Shànghǎi jīngcháng bèi chēng wéi dōngfāng Bālí 。yīnwèi Shànghǎirén , tèbiéshì Shànghǎi nǚxìng fēicháng zhòngshì zìjǐ de wàibiǎo 。Shànghǎi yǒu hěn duō bǎihuòshāngdiàn 。nǚxìng kěyǐ mǎi zuì shímáo de yīfu 。xǔduō nǚxìng huā hěn duō qián mǎi yīfu hé pèishì 。bǎihuòshāngdiàn dǎzhé de shíhòu , shāngdiàn wài jīngcháng yǒu rén páiduì 。Shànghǎi nǚxìng de pǐnwèi shì quánguó yǒumíng de 。
Shanghai is often called ‘the Paris of the East.’ That's because Shanghainese people, and especially Shanghainese women, pay close attention to their appearance.There are many department stores in Shanghai. Shanghainese women can buy the trendiest clothes.Many women spend a lot of money buying clothes and accessories.When department stores have a sale, there are often people lined up outside. Shanghainese women's taste is famous all around the country.
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