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ID: 1975 Intermediate
Every culture has its own sensitive topics, and sometimes a little bit of cultural education is in order. Just a little bit of timely information can save a whole lot of embarrassment. In this lesson, some Chinese teachers fill each other in on situations with students which could potentially be awkward.
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下周一 xià zhōuyī next Monday
级别 jíbié level
初级 chūjí elementary
特殊 tèshū special
Luó lǎoshī ,yǒu liǎng ge xīn xuésheng yào cóng xià zhōuyī kāishǐ shàngkè 。
Teacher Luo, there'll be two new students attending class starting Monday.
ò 。tāmen shì shénme jíbié de ?
Oh. What level are they?
dōu shì chūjí de 。zhè liǎng ge rén bǐjiào tèshū ,suǒyǐ yǒuxiē huàtí zuì hǎo bù yào shèjí dào 。
They're both elementary. These two are a bit special. There're a few topics that are best not to bring up with them.
shénme huàtí ?
What topics?
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