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Self-Taught Degrees in China

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ID: 1827 Upper Intermediate
Few countries are as education-crazy as China, but what recourse is left for those that couldn't afford a higher level education right out of high school but still have a desire to further their higher learning? China actually does have a system in place to help these people, but the reality is not exactly perfect. Learn about it in this Chinese lesson.
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证件 zhèngjiàn documentation
本科 běnkē undergraduate
文凭 wénpíng diploma
自考 zìkǎo self-taught
jīnglǐ ,Qián Yǒng lái qiān hétong le ,wǒ fùyìn tā de zhèngjiàn shí ,fāxiàn tā de běnkē wénpíng shì zìkǎo de 。
Manager, Qian Yong is here to sign a contract. While photocopying his documentation, I discovered that he has a self-taught undergraduate degree.
ǒ ?tā jiǎnlì shang méi xiě qīngchu ma ?
Oh? He didn't make that clear on his resume?
méi 。tā shì gāozhōng bìyè yǐhòu cānjiā de zìkǎo 。
Nope. He's engaged in self-taught examinations since graduating from high school.
wǒmen yībān dōu shì zhāopìn quánrìzhì běnkēshēng ,dàn Qián Yǒng de miànshì biǎoxiàn hěn bùcuò ,tā de dǐngtóu shàngsi Wáng jīnglǐ yě hěn xīnshǎng tā 。yàobu bǎ zhè ge qíngkuàng gēn Wáng jīnglǐ shuō yīxià ba 。
We normally only employ people with full-time undergraduate degrees, but Qian Yong's interview was excellent and his previous supervisor, Manager Wang, really liked him too. Let's inform Manager Wang of the situation.
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