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Second-hand Bicycle

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ID: 1548 Upper Intermediate
"Second-hand" isn't just one option when buying a bicycle; for many consumers, it's a whole way of life. In this lesson, we cover a range of topics, from broken-down bikes to second-hand philosophy.
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散架 sǎnjià to fall apart
铃儿 língr bell
脚蹬子 jiǎodēngzi pedal
diào to fall off
Dàqiáng ,nǐ shàngcì jiè gěi wǒ de zìxíngchē zěnme méi qí liǎng xià jiù sǎnjià le 。
Da Qiang, what's up with that bike you lent me before? It fell apart before I'd hardly even ridden it.
nǐ bùhuì xiǎoxīn diǎnr qí ma ?
Can't you ride a little more carefully?
wǒ zěnme bù xiǎoxīn a ?nǐ nà liàng chē ,chúle língr bù xiǎng ,qítā nǎr dōu xiǎng 。zhè jiù suàn le ,kě wǒ cái qí le wǔ fēnzhōng ,jiǎodēngzi jiù diào le ,liàntiáo yě duàn le 。
How was I not careful? That bike of yours – the bell doesn't make any sound, but the rest of it sure does. That wasn't a big deal, but then after riding it for 5 minutes, the pedal fell off and the chain snapped.
āiyā ,huài le jiù rēng le ba ,fǎnzhèng shì èrshǒu de ,zhíbuliǎo jǐ ge qián 。míngtiān zán yīqǐ qù èrshǒuhuò shìchǎng zài táo yī liàng 。
Oh geez. If it's broken, just throw it out. It's second-hand anyway, it's hardly even worth anything. Let's go to the second-hand market tomorrow and look around for another good one.
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