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Seasonal Allergies

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ID: 2813 Intermediate
When the seasons change, your skin can be adversely affected by the change in humidity. Learn useful words to describe an allergy or sensitivity to somethings. Photo by mattza
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脸上 liǎn shàng on one's face
kuài piece; blotch
皮肤 pífū skin
过敏 guòmǐn allergic; allergy
nǐ liǎn shàng zěnme yǒu jǐ kuài hónghóng de ?
Why are there several red blotches on your face?
wǒ pífū guòmǐn 。
It's an allergic reaction on my skin.
duì ò !huànjì huò zhě tiānqì bǐjiào cháoshī de shíhou ,hěn duō rén dōu huì yǒu zhè ge máobìng 。
Yes! When the seasons change or the weather gets more humid, lots of people suffer from this.
yīshēng shuō zhè ge děi cā yào ,kěshì zhèzhǒng pífū yào lǐ yǒu lèigùchún ,bùnéng cā tài duō 。
The doctor said that I should put ointment on it, but this kind of skin ointment contains steroids, so you can't apply too much.
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