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SDR 人民幣入籃

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特别提款权 tèbiétíkuǎnquán special drawing rights
似懂非懂 sìdǒngfēidǒng to only half understand
迫不及待 pòbùjídài to be unable to wait for
布雷顿森林体系 bùléidùnsēnlín tǐxì Bretton Woods system
jīntiān yī zǎo dǎdī lái xuéxiào ,gānghǎo jiù tīng dào guǎngbō lǐtou zài shuō “rénmínbì rù lán ”shénme de ,nǐ tīngshuō le ma ?nà shì shénme ya ?
In the taxi on my way to school this morning, I happened to hear that the renminbi has been "included in the basket". Did you hear about it? What does that mean?
ō ,nǐ shuō de shì IMF yú dāngdì shíjiān shí yīyuè sānshí zài Měiguó bǎ rénmínbì nàrù SDR huòbì lánzi de shìr ba 。
Oh, you're talking about the decision by the IMF to include the renminbi in the SDR basket on January 30 US local time.
shénme shénme SDR ?shāndōng rén ma ?máfan bāngmáng bǎ Yīngwén jiěshì yīxià ma ,bùshì zǎo gàosu guò nǐ wǒ de Yīngwén shì tǐyù lǎoshī jiāo de 。
What does SDR stand for? Is it an abbreviation of the Chinese for Shandong people? Can you explain what the English means? I told you before that I was taught English by a physical education teacher.
hā ,wǒ jìde wǒ jìde ,bùhǎoyìsi ,IMF ne shì guójìhuòbìjījīnzǔzhī ,lǐtou yǒu gè tèbiétíkuǎnquán jiù jiàozuò SDR ,yě bèichēngwéi huòbì lánzi 。
Ha, I remember, I remember, sorry. IMF stands for the International Monetary Fund, and within that there are special drawing rights, or SDR, also referred to as the currencies basket.
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