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SBTG: Sun Yatsen

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ID: 0908 Upper Intermediate
So much more than just the name of your favorite Chinese garden in Vancouver. Sun Yatsen is often considered the founder of modern China. With such an impressive title, surely us Chinese learners should learn a little more about him and what he stood for. You can, in this podcast. Learn about this famous figure in Chinese history in Mandarin.
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辛亥革命 Xīnhài gémìng Xin Hai revolution
推翻 tuīfān to topple
满清政府 Mǎnqīng zhèngfǔ Manchurian government
孙中山 Sūnzhōngshān Sun Yatsen
tóngxué men ,jīntiān wǒmen yào jiǎng de shì yī wèi gémìngjiā 。tā lǐngdǎo Xīnhài gémìng ,tuīfān Mǎnqīng zhèngfǔ 。zhīdào tā shì shéi ma ?
Students, today we want to talk about a revolutionary. He led the 1911 Revolution, overthrowing the Manchurian government. Do you know who he is?
shì Sūnzhōngshān 。
It was Sun Yatsen.
ng4 ,Chén Lěi shuō de duì 。Sūn Zhōngshān shì Zhōngguó mínzhǔ gémìng de xiānxíngzhě 。tā jiànlì le Zhōnghuámínguó ,yě shì Zhōngguó Guómíndǎng de chuàngdǎngrén zhīyī 。
Uh-huh, Chen Lei is correct. Sun Yatsen was the forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution. He is also one of the founders of the Chinese Nationalist Party.
lǎoshī ,tā hǎoxiàng yǒu hǎo duō míngzi 。
Teacher, doesn't he have a whole bunch of names?
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