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SBTG: Health Class

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ID: 0938 Upper Intermediate
Yes, this is the same health class that deals with the facts of life, however, you will have to patiently sit through a passionate lesson on the circulatory system before you get to that one. In this podcast, learn about what makes your heart go aflutter in Mandarin Chinese.
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运输 yùnshū to transport
血液 xuèyè blood
流动 liúdòng to flow
血管 xuèguǎn blood vessel
wǒmen zhīdào ,réntǐ nèi wùzhì de yùnshū zhǔyào shì yóu xuèyè lái wánchéng de 。nàme ,xuèyè zài réntǐ nǎxiē bùwèi liúdòng ?
We know that the movement of the most vital internal components in the body is done by the blood. Now, how does the blood flow through the body then?
xuèyè dāngrán shì zài xuèguǎn zhōng liúdòng la !xuèguǎn jiù xiàng Shànghǎi de dàolù yīyàng ,hěn fù zá !yī ge rén de quánbù xuèguǎn liánjiē qǐlai yǒu shí wàn gōnglǐ cháng !
Of course it flows through the blood vessels. Blood vessels are very complex--just like the roads of Shanghai. All the blood vessels in the human body if combined together come to 100,000 kilometers in length!
xuèyè shì zài xīnzàng hé xuèguǎn gòuchéng de guǎndào zhōng liúdòng de 。
The heart and the blood vessels are the pipes that the blood flows through.
hěn hǎo 。xiàmian qǐng tóngxué men mō yi mō zìjǐ de shǒuwàn ,yǒu shénme zài tiàodòng ma ?
Very good. Next, students, please feel your own wrist for a moment. Can you feel anything beating?
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