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SBTG: Confucius

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ID: 0894 Upper Intermediate
Confucius Says: Learning Mandarin is good for you. Confucius Says: You haven't lived till you've learned Chinese. Confucius Says: Stop being so lazy and get studying. The wisdom of Confucius is now available to us and our remedial Saved by the Gong class. Let's listen to this podcast as John and Jenny spout some pearls of wisdom of their own... And remember, if you don't know Confucius, you just might not know China.
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孔子 Kǒngzǐ Confucius
论语 Lúnyǔ The Analects
弟子 dìzǐ disciple
再传弟子 zài chuán dìzǐ second generation disciple
yǒu rén shuō ,Zhōngguó rén bù zhīdào Kǒngzǐ ,bùnéng suàn yǒu sīxiǎng de Zhōngguó rén ;zhīdào Kǒngzǐ ,bù zhīdào 《Lúnyǔ 》,yě bùnéng suàn yǒu sīxiǎng de Zhōngguó rén 。jīntiān ,wǒmen jiù lái xuéxí 《Lúnyǔ 》。dāngrán le ,zài kètáng shàng ,wǒmen zhǐnéng xué yì xiǎo bùfen 。
Some people say, if Chinese people don't understand Confucius, they can't be considered an enlightened Chinese person. If they know Confucius, but don't understand The Analects, then they also shouldn't be considered an enlightened Chinese person. Today, we are going to study The Analects. Of course, in class, we are going to cover only a small aspect.
lǎoshī ,《Lúnyǔ 》bù shì Kǒngzǐ xiě de ma ?
Teacher, The Analects weren't written by Confucius were they?
bù shì 。shì Kǒngzǐ de dìzǐ hé zài chuán dìzǐ zhěnglǐ chūlai de ,jìlù Kǒngzǐ hé tā de dìzǐ de yánxíng 。
No. It was his students and his students' students who put them together, recording Confucius' and his disciples' words.
duì 。《Lúnyǔ 》bìngfēi chūzì yī ge rén zhī shǒu 。
Yes, The Analects were not written by just one person.
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