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Saved by the Gong: Tai Chi

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ID: 1191 Upper Intermediate
Did you think only boring, old people did Tai Chi? Think again! This meditative, graceful series of exercises is popular inside and outside China, with learners young and old. Listen to this Mandarin podcast to find out more about the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. And check out this video for demonstrations and explanations.
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学期 xuéqī term, semester
太极拳 tàijíquán tai chi
慢跑 mànpǎo to jog
热身 rèshēn to warm up
tóngxuémen hǎo !wǒmen yǐjīng xuéxí le yī ge xuéqī de tàijíquán le ,jīntiān dàjiā zìjǐ fùxí ,xià jié kè wǒmen kǎoshì 。hǎo ,xiànzài dàjiā xiān mànpǎo yī quān ,rè re shēn 。
Hi, everyone! We've already been studying Tai Chi for a semester. We're going to review today, and there will be a test next class. OK, everyone, jog one lap to warm up!
tàijíquán dōu shì lǎotóu lǎotàitai men dǎ de ,wǒmen gànmá bù xué Shàolín gōngfu ā !hái yào kǎoshì ,zhēn méijìn !
The only people who do Tai Chi are old men and women. Why on Earth don't we study Shaolin Kung Fu? And we have to take a test, too. What a drag!
xué shénme nǐ dōu yào bàoyuàn ,tàijíquán kěshì wǒmen Zhōngguó tèyǒu de !kuài liànxí ba !
You'd complain no matter what you studied. Tai Chi is unique to China! Hurry up and practice.
wǒ lián “qǐshì ”de dòngzuò yàolǐng dōu méi zhǎngwò ,Xú Xiǎotíng nǐ kuài jiāo jiao wǒ 。
I don't even have a firm grasp of the basic movements of the ``starting posture." Xu Xiaoting, teach me a little, quick!
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