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Room Escape

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ID: 2697 Upper Intermediate
Has anyone on ChinesePod ever been to a room escape event? If you don't know what it is, it's a fun activity you can do with friends where you work together to solve clues and riddles and work your way out of a giant puzzle. Some of the ChinesePod team did it recently (see pic), and we highly recommend it.
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闯关 chuǎngguān to face a challenge
线索 xiànsuǒ clue
破解 pòjiě to crack (a code or a case)
密码锁 mìmǎsuǒ password lock; combination lock
zài liǎng fēnzhōng kāishǐ chuǎngguān ,jìde ,nǐmen yào cóng zhè ge fángjiān lǐ zhǎochū xiànsuǒ ,pòjiě zhèxiē mìmǎsuǒ ,líkāi zhè ge fángjiān 。
The challenge will begin in two minutes, remember, you have to find clues in this room to help you break the code to allow you to leave the room.
zhǐyǒu zhè ge fángjiān ba ?chūqù jiù guòguān le ma ?
It's just this room, yeah? When we get out we've passed?
ng4 ...bù zhīdào o ,bùguò nǐmen de dì yī ge rènwu jiùshì líkāi zhè ge fángjiān ,ránhòu gēnjù gāngcái gěi nǐmen de jùqíng juédìng zěnme zuò ,zài yì xiǎoshí nèi wánchéng suǒyǒu rènwu jiù kěyǐ le 。
Eh... I don't know. But your first mission is to leave this room, then you have to make decisions according to the story I just told you. You have to complete all the missions within an hour.
wànyī méiyǒu wánchéng ne ?
What if we don't complete them?
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