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Rookie driver’s conversation 无人驾驶 解放菜鸟

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ID: 4185 Upper Intermediate
滴滴滴,新手上路......我们把刚刚学会开车、开得还不太好的人叫做“新手”或者“菜鸟”,技术要是实在太差,那可能就是“马路杀手”啦! 来听听这一课,看看中文里可以怎样幽默地讽刺自己的伙伴吧~ A fun and useful lesson to learn Mandarin vocabulary on driving from a rookie driver! And how to be “humorously sarcastic” in Mandarin.
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僵硬 jiāngyìng stiff
驾照 jiàzhào driver's license
secondary; auxiliary; deputy
扬言 yángyán to put about (a story, plan, threat etc); to let it be known (esp. of threat or malicious story); to threaten
āi āi āi ,yòu wàngjì xiān lā shǒushā le !
Hey you forgot to pull the hand brake again!
yuánlái rúcǐ ,wǒ jiù shuō zěnme chē zǒu de zhème jiāngyìng ne 。
No wonder! I was thinking why the car is moving slowly.
zhēn bù zhīdào nǐ de jiàzhào shì zěnme kǎo chūlái de ,měicì zuò nǐ de fù Jià ,bǐ wǒ zìjǐ kāichē huán yào jǐnzhāng 。
I really don't know how you got your driver's license. Whenever I’m your co driver I’m more nervous than when I’m driving myself.
nǐ hái gǎn tí jiàzhào ,shì shéi zài wǒ zhǔnbèi xué chē de shíhou yángyán shuō ,wǒ yàoshi néng xuéhuì kāichē tā jiù dào zhe zǒu de ?
You dare to mention the driver's license. When I was preparing to learn to drive, who was it that said if I could learn to drive, he would go backwards?
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